About Us

We are Cute Bulldogs and we are passionate about Bulldogs!  Our bulldogs have been registered under the American Kennel Club. AKC is the most respected and reliable association of pure breed dogs in the nation, with 23 years of experience.

Our exceptional “bullies” are raised within the best health care standards. They are of pure breed blood line, brought up with love and care. Our bulldogs have good temperaments, and are very friendly. We carefully select each parent for the best health and genetics with an exceptional pedigree. We recognize bulldogs are a unique breed and for this reason we do our best to give our clients that highest quality puppy anywhere – Internet or store bought.

Breeding English Bulldogs has been a real joy for us. We have spent so much time researching and travelling to locate our adult English Bulldogs. From the onset we realized it was our duty to breed a healthy, happy, well socialized English bulldog puppies and to create a highly desirable pet for new bull dog pup owners.

We care about the education of the buyers with respect to the breed. When you buy from us, you will be invited to learn things about the care and health procedures of your pet. We will soon update our website with a ton of online materials where you will find all kinds of general information that we know will help you make the best decision once you start this great journey of having your own English bulldog. These articles will also guide you through the ownership and good maintenance of your puppy.